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Turning Point Current Collections

The Grand Opening Collection

The limited-time Grand Opening Collection celebrates the official opening of Turning Point Pen Co.

This collection salutes the color blue. Blue is associated with luxury, stability, and trust. It is also warm, imaginagive, and authentic—attributes that are tied closely to Turning Point values.


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The Ceremonial Collection

Primary Use: Weddings

These elegant pens are designed to help newlyweds celebrate their bonding in holy matrimony. With their two-toned theme, they represent a strong bond.

These make wonderful wedding presents, and a pen from the Wedding Collection also makes a luxurious way for friends and family to sign your guest registry.


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The Statement Collection

Primary Use: Fashion

The Statement Collection consists of bold colors, trendy shapes, and designs that enhance a tastefully composed outfit. Use these pens to accent your look and express yourself.

It’s more than simply putting pen to paper; the right pen will amplify your style and let your personality shine.

Polishing in public is absolutely acceptable.


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The Corner Office Collection

Primary Use: Business/Corporate

Serious, but never stuffy. Turning Point’s Corner Office Collection pens are perfect for the boardroom or your classy second-bedroom home office.

These pens are designed to impress with understated class. By their eye-catching presence alone, they work to add value to their owner’s image.


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“It’s a masterpiece. The colour: amazing. The fine details, too. Pictures and video don’t do it justice at all. I view it as art work that doubles as a pen.” ~ Boyd Reid

“I ordered a Turning Point product as a unique gift that would stand out. Michael was really easy to work with and took the time to create the meaning I wanted in this gift. The finished product surpassed my expectations in both material quality and craftsmanship, and my friend absolutely loved it!” ~ Krista Samek