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Everyone has at least one turning point in his or her life. Turning Point Pen Co. has prepared several collections for some of the momentous events that you may have experienced or are about to... Are you preparing for a wedding, mitzvah, graduation...?


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Art in Your Pocket

Turning Point Pen Co. displays true pen passion in these very special art pens. Yes, they are for sale.


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For You Alone

A custom pen made just for you. You are one of a kind. If you want to celebrate one of your life’s defining moments, you can have a pen a unique as you are. Find out how to have Turning Point Pen Co. create a pen just for you.


Make It Special

“If I don't write down a thought—or an image or a line of poetry—the instant it comes to mind, it vanishes, which explains why I have pens and notebooks in my pants and coat pockets, the car, the bicycle basket, on one or two desks in every room including bathrooms and the kitchen.” ~ Floyd Skloot

“It’s a masterpiece. The colour: amazing. The fine details, too. Pictures and video don’t do it justice at all. I view it as art work that doubles as a pen.” ~ Boyd Reid

“I ordered a Turning Point product as a unique gift that would stand out. Michael was really easy to work with and took the time to create the meaning I wanted in this gift. The finished product surpassed my expectations in both material quality and craftsmanship, and my friend absolutely loved it!” ~ Krista Samek